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Origin of Japji Sahib

In the 16th century, Japji Sahib was composed by Shri Guru Nanak Dev Ji the founder of Sikhism. This Devotional song was later included as the opening prayer in the Guru Granth Sahib which is the holy book of Sikhism.

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What is Japji Sahib ?

It is basically the worship that Sikh people do in the early morning prayers. Japji Sahib has 40 stanzas written in poetic form. Each stanza covers a specific aspect of spirituality and provides guidance on how to live a purposeful and meaningful life. The poems of Japji Sahib provide a step-by-step path toward spiritual realization.

Effects on Daily Life

By doing this worship it serves as a guide for Sikh people to follow other spiritual paths in life. By following the things which are there in japji sahib people can achieve goodness such as humility, gratitude, and selflessness, leading to more fulfilling and purpose-driven lives.


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